Between Imaginative Spaces

Capstone project. A hybrid art exhibition that employs virtual and physical aspects.
Research Design, Illustration
Adobe Aero, Adobe After Effects, Clip Studio Paint
Sept 2020 - March 2021

Between Imaginative Spaces is a year-long research project that attempts to create new and innovative experiences by utilizing virtual and physical spaces. Art pieces are available in augmented reality, which can be triggered by QR codes placed in location. Each AR piece can be viewed in sequential order to experience or viewed separately as independent pieces.

The project ultimately began by questioning the power of space and place, and with how they effect the way individuals act and feel. Coupled with the pandemic and city-wide lockdowns, this project eventually shifted its focus to how power dichotomies between virtual and physical spaces effect experiences in virtual art events. How does the collapse of material reality in online spaces effect our overall experiences in virtual events? A short online questionnaire was deployed on social media to gather opinions regarding how users feel about virtual events and the restrictions of physical events. It revealed that most users miss the physical aspects of in-person events but also enjoy the accessibility and flexibility of virtual events. Gathering these findings, an art exhibition that implements virtual and physical aspects was created.

How It Works

There will be QR codes placed around the premise of the Art Gallery of Mississauga (AGM) outdoors and each QR code will be numbered and accompanied with a short sentence. The user can scan the codes in sequential order to experience a short story or view them separately. There will be an annotated digital map for those who wishes to view them in order.

The following is a simple walkthrough on how to scan and view the pieces.

use a device to scan the code and tap on the Adobe Aero prompt to open it in the app

follow the instructions on the app to view the art piece

find the QR codes on location

Where to Look

This project is an in-situ event that urges locals to enjoy an art exhibition while maintaining health and safety protocols. An annotated map will be provided digitally to mark the location of the QR codes.

Digital Experience

The following is a recreation of the AR pieces for remote digital viewing experiences. It is recomended to view the digital experience on desktop or tablet.

To engage in a space of unfamiliarity we must take ourselves out of our subjective reality. When we re-immerse ourselves back in a space of familiarity we bring new knowledge and experience.
The garden eel wanders further from home. They stop before a mystical phenomenon they have never encountered before.
There is still much to discover and learn. What lies beyond the sea? The eel swims towards the rays of sunlight that shines from the land beyond.

Experience It Yourself

Use the Adobe Aero app to scan and view the pieces yourself!