Moon Rabbit Mooncake


February 2020 - April 2020

In the current market, there are many approaches to packaging mooncakes, making this a highly competitive field. The popularity of mooncakes was introduced to the West, transforming the product into a high-end dessert with westernized flavours and packaging. The original intent and cultural significance become lost in the extravagance of excessive packaging. Therefore, the visual design of Moon Rabbit Mooncakes aims to retain and unite the culture of the Mid-Autumn festival to the product by retelling the story of an ancient folktale of the festival through the packaging design. This will allow new and old buyers of mooncakes to be familiar and enlightened by beautiful yet effective packaging design.


Packaging, branding


Photoshop, Illustrator, mix media

Culture & History

Mooncakes are Chinese pastries that are traditionally enjoyed during the Mid-Autumn Festival that occurs on the fifteenth day of August of the lunar calendar. They are typically round pastries ranging from 2-4 inches in width and 1-2 inches thick. The festival is a celebration of harvest and moon watching.

There are many cultural takes on the folklore of Mid-Autumn Festival as it is celebrated by many east-asian countries. Following my cultural background, I based my designs off of the folktale of The Jade Rabbit.

This project strives to connect the product to its culture through effective yet beautiful package design.

[月兔月饼] Moon Rabbit Mooncakes is a brand that distributes mooncakes to consumers from the East and the West, thus the design space of the packaging and brand is void of the traditional Chinese visuals. Although the visuals differ from the culture, themes and inspirations are drawn directly from The Jade Rabbit folktale. To ensure the visuals are both attractive to a modern and broad audience, the design space utilizes a strong colour theme with simple cell shaded illustrations. Utilizing a universally innocent and ‘cute’ animal as the brand also helps appeal to a wider range of consumers.

There are reoccurring imageries of moons and rabbits to illustrate the theme of the brand and the importance of the two symbols in the folktale. The principle display panel is designed to resemble the night sky. As the cloud sleeve is unravel and the lid is removed, a carefully arranged pattern of moon phases and rabbits are shown. The contrast from a deceptively simple cover to the intricate arrangement inside reflects how the Moon Rabbit is often hard working throughout the months behind the human eye.

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