April 2019 - June 2019

Xenon is a variable typeface with a weight parameter, designed to operate as a strong typographic device in interactive data visualizations. It is intended to appear on digital platforms ranging from desktop screens, mobile devices (smartphones/tablets), to large projections for presentations. Xenon prioritises in establishing hierarchy in complex visuals through their weight parameter.


Typeface Design, Typography, Data Visualization


Fontlab6, Illustrator, InDesign

Data visualizations comprise of multiple layers of information hierarchies. A useful method of distinguishing these hierarchies is establishing visual queues into the design or type. Working with variable typefaces in data visualizations will offer a wide spectrum of transformations within the same type family while maintaining different, yet consistent variations of type. Variable typefaces also contribute to better text visualization, thus expanding the design space of data visualization from graphic elements to including typographic visualizations. The weight parameter in this variable typeface establishes a clear hierarchy between headings, subheadings, and text. It has the ability to operate as a legible text font but operate as an unique display font. This projects acts as a powerful aid in increasing potential design solutions in presenting meaningful data. Expanding on graphic and typographic elements allows users to benefit from comprehending information easier.

The goal of this project is to create a variable typeface intended for data visualizations on the screen. Xenon offers a professional and clean typographic voice, while maintaining a welcoming and open presence. It upholds its legibility while accompanying difficult visualizations and establishes a clear hierarchy through the width parameter. In short, this typeface will improve the organization and visualization of data.